Silo Monitoring.

Complete Solution to Optimize Logistics

If you have multiple silos on one or more farms, it is crucial to know how much feed is left in your silo. An empty silo disrupts all operations, causing slowdowns, extra costs, and stress.


With BinConnect, we have a reliable feed level at any time of day and for every silo. A forecast is made for the next 4 days, and you can easily set an alarm to check the minimum stock level and order through the app at the right time, so you never run out of feed again. You are no longer dependent on staff, and everything is organized in the app, which you can also share with your feed supplier.


How does it work? In just 20 minutes, you can easily install a sensor with 3 holes, one in each leg of the silo. The sensor measures pressure changes in the leg and sends it directly to the nanolike cloud. You can then see all silo stock levels on the dedicated dashboard.


The sensor measures with 90 to 100% accuracy, depending on the silo size. This is enough to determine whether you need to order new feed. It also shows the correct value when the feed is stuck in the silo. The sensor can be installed without scaffolding and additional wiring and poses no safety risks. Farms with limited internet connectivity can easily be connected.


Equip your silo to lighten the workload.


The main benefits are:

  • Time-saving on checks
  • Reliable information, including forecasts for the next 4 days
  • Automatic feed level alarm and the ability to order feed through the dedicated application

Examples of equipped silos:

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 Sede: Via Parigi, 3 - 46047 - Porto Mantovano (MN)
 Tel 0376 321803 / Fax 0376 750902
 P.iva - C.F. 02633490350