Maberth Group

Maberth was founded to share solutions and innovations for animal nutrition, well-being, and care with its customers.

A team of professionals is available to guide you through a business journey aimed at obtaining innovative solutions that promote the growth of your livestock.

Healthier animals, are monitored and managed according to protocols that allow for natural animal growth, ensuring both their health and the health of the end consumer.

Maberth, at the heart of management and business activities, is supported by two other companies: Carpif and PitPharm.

The synergy between Maberth, Carpif, and PitPharm enables us to provide a comprehensive and highly specialized service, with a responsible approach in all sectors, for animal nutrition, well-being, and care, addressing the modern and future needs of livestock.

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Carpif is the production site dedicated to the research and development of a line of natural-based products available on the market under the Remedio and Tecno brands.

These products address digestive processes – anti-diarrheal, antibacterial, antioxidant, and immunostimulant agents, liver protectors and detoxifiers, and optimizers – to naturally resolve animal-related issues.


PitPharm, the veterinary pharmacy, provides innovative solutions and products aimed at the care and well-being of animals, for the treatment and prevention of diseases in livestock.

PitPharm offers a timely and precise service focused on providing its customers with quality deliveries, honesty in professional relationships, and attention to the needs of each specific situation.

Sede: Via Parigi, 3 – 46047 – Porto Mantovano (MN)
 Tel 0376 321803 / Fax 0376 750902
 P.iva – C.F. 02633490350

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