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Solutions and innovations
for feeding
and animal welfare


Maberth was born in order to share with its customers the driving force of progress in the field of feeding, welfare and animal care.

A team of professionals is able to provide you with competent advice and support you in the path aimed at obtaining innovative solutions that encourage the growth of your business.

Healthier animals, breed and managed according to protocols that allow the natural growth of the animal, guaranteeing the animal and the final consumer’s health.

Maberth, the heart of management and commercial activity, is flanked by other two companies:

Carpif and PitPharm.


The synergy between Maberth, Carpif and PitPharm allows us to provide a complete and highly specialized service, with a responsible approach in all supply chains, for the feeding, well-being and care of animals, responding to modern and future needs of farms.



Carpif, the production site dedicated to the research and development of preparations on a natural basis, present on the market with the Remedio and Tecno brands.

Natural products that act in the digestive processes – antidiarrheal, antibacterial, antioxidant and immunostimulant, hepatoprotective and detoxifying, optimizers – with the aim of solving the animal’s problems naturally.




PitPharm, the veterinary pharmacy, offers innovative solutions and products, oriented to the care and wellfare of animals, for the therapy and prophylaxis of diseases in farms.

PitPharm offers a punctual and precise service oriented to give its customer quality in deliveries, professional relationships and attention to the needs for each specific reality.

Sede: Via Parigi, 3 – 46047 – Porto Mantovano (MN)
 Tel 0376 321803 / Fax 0376 750902
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